Welcome to my website. I’m so glad you’ve found me and whether it was via a search engine, social media, an email you’ve received or from a recent talk, the great thing is you’re here now.


My focus and passion is giving women the tools to empower themselves so they can excel in every area of life, not just work. I help you to empower yourself through your wellbeing allowing it to lead to your ‘welldoing’. The woman I work with might be stressed, stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, feeling undervalued, have that nagging feeling or be asking if there’s more to life than this. 

Have you got a cloudy picture in your head about yourself or your future? 

Is fear or insecurity hidden away in your heart?

Does your body feel out of balance?

If so, I will work with you to develop clarity in your mind, confidence in your heart and resilience in your body so you can feel good and go for what you really want. I believe every women can be empowered to live the full life she truly desires and deserves, this is what I call greater success. So that’s what I support the women I work with to do. Watch the video below to get a greater understanding of me, what I do and why I do it.


I have created gifts, products, events and programmes which allow each woman to be empowered (and men you can join in on a fair amount of what is offered). I want every woman I work with to be her best. So please make yourself at home as you’ll find some great stuff from my blog, (click here to have a read), to testimonials, events, and the latest news. You can also find out more about me.

Check out the Events tab to see what is available; The Movement page allows you to find out what webinars are coming up, most of which are FREE! Head to The Discovery page to find out more about the amazing Self Discovery Session. Gift vouchers are now available and make a perfect Mothers’ Day gift. Check out how much you can save with the March International Women’s Day discount. Plus, the Shine Out Journey is launching later this year so a select few women can start to rise and shine out more brightly by the end 2017. Click here for details and to find out how to reserve your space now, with the one-off discount you could save between 25-30% on the programme prices. Also, the More Powerfully You workshop is coming up so check The Workshop for more details on this amazing day. Have a look at the latest news to see all that’s been happening, such as  the events and talks plus what’s coming up.


‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions’ (I love that quote) so if you are or want to become a champion take this opportunity to complete the insightful FREE Wellbeing Unlocked Assessment so you can discover how much of your wellbeing has been unlocked and frees you to feel good and shine as you were born to. Then have the COMPLIMENTARY followup Insight Call to discuss your results and get tips. Click below to find out now.

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As a young girl I was touched, inspired and motivated by the divine words ‘…let your light shine before others…’ and many years later I was equally touched and inspired when a colleagues shared the famous Marianne Williamson quote and told me I exemplified it:

 ‘…We are all meant to shine…And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same…’. 

As a result of this, I called my business Shine Out and give women the tools to empower themselves so they can love who they are and shine like a star, because like Marianne I believe it is what we are each born to do. I want to see a world filled with women who rise up allowing who they are, what they have and what they do to shine out so they can achieve their real goals and dreams and make their chosen impact in their world. I want women to allow their light to shine like stars so they can encourage other women to do the same.


So let’s get connected on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Feel free to get in touch if you have any feedback or questions and I, or one of the team, will get back to you.