About Jasmine

Hi, it’s lovely to meet you. I’m Jasmine, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and founder of Shine Out. Aged 23 realised I was dysfunctional because I was broken inside and ‘wearing a mask’ therefore concealing much of my light. I didn’t like me and I didn’t know me. Inner conflict plagued me because in my head I knew I had value and could do it, but in my heart I felt worthless and insecure. Yet by age 31 I had pieced myself back together to become comfortable in my own skin. I was an empowered woman, let my light shine. Everything I had come to learn and know would be tested and knocked, although seriously challenged I was able to stand and shine. Now enabling other women to do the same.


My Story

Describepic1d as a bright, bossy and talkative child, by age 23 I admitted in a church service to the multitude of issues I had been hiding for many years. Issues that came from a childhood of physical, emotional and mental abuse and some of which even extended into my adulthood. It wasn’t all bad but left me confused, never wanting to love and with a feeling I just wasn’t right. An additional setback I suffered in my youth was mild acne. This meant I went from never wanting to love others to struggling to love myself and even hating myself. I felt a need to prove myself so would work relentlessly, trying to be what I thought I should be. Even when there weren’t the results to reflect my effort I would blindly persist, lacking the courage needed to stop and take a good look at myself, assessing what was and wasn’t working. And, then there was the other side of me who was afraid to make mistakes so just wouldn’t try.


To others I appeared together and confident, however, I had an internal struggle that meant I always felt wrong and alone. I was afraid to really know who I was and what I had to offer because deep down I felt no good and worthless. I didn’t love myself and wanted nothing more than to be really loved and to have a loving family of my own. It was this that motivated to me to deal with my issues and started my journey to be me and become my best. I believed I could achieve some success as I was but knew it would be limited, empty and meaningless. I recognised greater success required me to know who I was and what I had so I could be fulfilled. It required me me to be honest about who I was and what I been through so I could connect with others.


I spent years working on myself; reading, listening, learning and developing and I did this with only God as my help. They were tough years but I learned so much about myself and others. I realised I was better and stronger than thought. I understood although I may have been devalued, I was no less valuable. I recognised that making mistakes is part of journey and it didn’t mean I was a mistake. I also made a profound realisation; I wasn’t alone in the struggle. Some people shared a story similar to mine, while others had a very different background yet could still relate to the struggle.


In the month leading up to my 30th birthday, I felt very unhappy about almost all of the areas of my life and an overwhelming sense of stress. I was depressed, although not clinically diagnosed. I remember driving one day and asking myself, ‘do I wait until I have a breakdown to go to the doctor, or do I go and tell him I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown?‘ Due to a lack of balance in my life I had reached my breaking point. I had made significant changes to myself and it was time to allow those changes to impact my life. It was time to shine! Thankfully, I realised I had the power to choose so make some important life changes. Although, life’s still not quite perfect I haven’t looked back.


I love talking and always have. This coupled with my desire to help people, and the recognition that my greatest satisfaction comes from IMG-20170222-WA0012helping and seeing people grow, led me to pursue becoming a trainer within those years of my journey. I underwent great professional development at this time which supported my personal development. I delivered training to entry level employees on a one-to-one basis up to senior global executives in a full conference room. I have been a trainer working within larger and smaller organisations as well as freelance. I have been privileged to help others develop and to get regular feedback about how good I am at it. I became determined to create something to help women develop. I met so many amazing women who just didn’t realise how amazing they were, and as a result were living a second-rate rather than first-class life. I had found my passion and purpose, it was to help women to feel good about who they truly are and become their best.



I am passionate and enthusiastic, sometimes people laugh at how animated and energetic I am but that’s just me. I’m communicative, that’s my way of nicely saying I like to talk, I love eating and thankfully that does not show too much. I love people so enjoy spending time with family and friends and socializing in general. I really love playing board games, especially articulate. I am some what competitive, (this might be the understatement of the century, LOL), and I enjoy learning, reading, attending events and traveling. I also love to sing so have been a part pic2of my church choir. I hate spiders, creepy things, coffee and olives.


I am married to a great man called Solomon. We met abroad in 2008 and it took him some time to snag me but in 2013 I realised he was the one I wanted to spent the rest of my life with. So by the end of 2013 we married and I became Stepmum to his son. It’s been a journey with real highs and lows. It has tested every element of development made in my wellbeing and at times caused me to question myself. What it has also helped me to realised is that when you focus on your wellbeing you develop in 3 key areas; clarity, confidence and resilience, which gives you immense power. Thankfully we settling into a smoother journey and are looking forward to starting a family.


I have been training and developing individuals for over 12 years and working as a trainer and coach since 2007. I am CTP CIPD cert
ified  trainer, certified as a Performance and Stress Management coach and accredited in Emotional Intelligence, Personality Type Profiling, Lifestyle Assessments and 360 Degree Feedback. I now use my personal journey and professional expertise to create products, events, courses and programmes to empower each woman to develop her wellbeing so she can shine. Enabling her to have the clarity in her mind, confidence in her heart and resilience in her body to achieve what she truly desires and deserves, making her chosen impact in her world, which is what I call greater success.