Recently I have been sharing the importance of sleep and how we can ensure that we have a better quality of sleep and some key elements around the importance of sleep.  I think it is important to build on that by looking at switching off.   It is importantRead More

Sleep good, feel good

In the previous blog, we looked at whether you were sleeping for success. In this blog, we are going to look at how to improve the quality of our sleep. Now when it comes to having good quality sleep what you do before bed matters as much as what youRead More

Are you sleeping for success?

When it comes to sleep there are typically two schools of thought: One that says spending one-third of your life sleeping is a waste of your life. There’s too much to do to be sleeping that much. The other says that sleep is an essential part of your life, aRead More

Goal and Go

January is drawing to a close and most of us have set our goals or made new years resolutions. Personally, I don’t like new years resolutions as I don’t think that they are very effective because they tend to be quite dramatic or extreme. Swearing that we are never goingRead More

Vlog 2 – Reflection

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Following on from my first Vlog this next entry involves reflection and how to spend more time looking into the mirror rather than out of the window and the influences in your life.   Jasmine Mbye -Trainer, Coach & Speaker at Shine Out.              Read More

Do you want to be happy?

Do you want to be happy? Not everybody wants to be happy. Watch my VLOG to find out more.   Jasmine Mbye -Trainer, Coach & Speaker at Shine Out.                       Specialising in women’s empowerment. Giving ambitious professional and entrepreneurial womenRead More

Stress Awareness

Stress Awareness       It’s National Stress Awareness Day so what are you doing?   Stress is something that affects so many of us. At a recent networking event, someone asked ‘who isn’t stressed?’ It was more of a statement than a question and is reflective of life inRead More

Confidence To Be You

Confidence To Be You How often are you authentic? Being confident means being yourself and if you are lacking in confidence then this may be difficult for you to achieve.   You may lack confidence but to show the real you and then it’s is easy to put on aRead More

Confidence Impacts Ability

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Confidence is one of those things that we hear about all of the time; it’s something that women often want to improve. And, it is essential to improve your self-confidence because it makes you believe in your gifts, abilities, talents and skills, which I refer to as GATS. You’ve beenRead More

Stress relief

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Statistics According to HSE Health & Safety Executive: “In 2014/15 stress accounted for 35% of all work-related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health.   Stress is more prevalent in public service industries, such as education; health and social care; and public administrationRead More

Stress: How It Effects Us

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Stress: How It Effects Us The effects of stress are heard about pretty much every day. We hear about stress related illnesses which range from high blood pressure to heart attacks. Stress, as we established last time, isn’t all bad and comes in different forms. Understanding the impact it hasRead More

Stress Is A Killer! Isn’t It? Part 1

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Stress Is A Killer! Isn’t It? Part 1 Stress is something we hear about all time. In recent years we hear about it more and more as change becomes more common place. In fact, for most of us, stress is something we all live with to some extent. So doesRead More

So, What’s Next?…

So, there we are, we have come to the end of our 8 Shine Out steps, but it doesn’t end there. These steps will empower you to become a woman that excels. To excel means to achieve which in turn means that you can reach your goals and your dreams.Read More

Show Up Right

Step 8 Self-presentation This step is all about how you see or perceive yourself and how your project yourself to others. It builds upon self-communication and is linked to self-concept, developing over time. Self-presentation. How do I see me? Am I fat, am I too skinny, am I ugly, amRead More

What you’re saying in your head counts

Step 7 – Self-communication Communication is the act of exchanging information. Again, we tend to learn this when we are young, but it is something that is built on throughout our lives. We learn to communicate in many different ways, some that are more and others less effective to review.Read More

Balance is One of the Secret’s to Sustainable Success

Step 6 in the Shine Out method is Self-attunement and self-attunement is self-harmony.  This is where you start to think about your ability to balance things. You need to have yourself and your life in harmony. Harmony means that there is a balance.  Again, I believe can relate back toRead More

You Gotta Love Yourself

Step 5 Self- love Self-love is quite an interesting step because loving yourself has often been thought about as being egotistical, narcissistic and why would anyone love themselves? If you are a product of your environment, then you may struggle to love yourself probably because you didn’t receive a lotRead More

It’s your confidence more than competence

Step 4 Self-confidence How much YOU believe in your skills and abilities is essential Confidence is one of those things that we hear about all of the time; it’s one of those things that women often want to improve. It is essential to improve your self-confidence because it makes youRead More