Key Elements


At Shine Out we recognise that your personal development precedes your professional development. When you get better so does your career and/or business. The Shine Out Journey therefore incorporates executive approaches and techniques that have been identified as critical to success.  See a brief explanation of each of the key elements and how they will help you or your staff to develop.


Group and One-to-One

The Shine Out Journey is a powerful combination of group workshops and one-to-ones. As a trainer I absolutely love the power of the group. The synergy in great groups is amazing and what is created as a result of that is often nothing short of the miraculous. You’ve probably heard of the statement ‘the sum is greater than the parts’ and this is true of a great group and that’s what is fostered on a Shine Out Journey. One-to-one’s are also extremely powerful allowing for greater depth and really insightful realisations. As a coach I see the transparency that one-to-ones permit and the reflection they encourage. This combination on the Shine Out Journey is what makes it so distinct and effective.


Personality Type

Provides a framework for understanding individual differences and how people interact with each other as well as an exploration of their preferences, motivators and talents. There are insights to enhance self-awareness, understanding of others and increase personal effectiveness.

To achieve sustainable personal development, it is crucial for individuals to start with an understanding of their own resources, strengths and preferred working styles. This understanding provides a foundation upon which we build in the Shine Out Journey.


Emotional Intelligence

Science has shown that feeling precedes thought and behaviour. The business evidence is clear; taking emotion out of work does not increase employee engagement, drive customer satisfaction or build high performance – managing emotion effectively does.

Science has demonstrated the fundamental nature of emotion in all human interactions and cognition. Emotion is at the heart of scientific investigation into theories of leadership, motivation and change. Emotions play a central role in the interaction of brain, mind, and body – without emotions we cannot make decisions or relate effectively.

It is the intelligent use of emotions that is crucial to sustainable high performance and decision making and that’s why Emotional Intelligence is a key element of the Shine Out Journey.


Lifestyle Assessment

The Lifestyle Assessment is a professional grade coaching tool for health and wellness checks.

The 24h analysis reveals what affects your well-being and performance during work, leisure and sleep. Get a unique view into your wellness and performance which helps to make better lifestyle choices. Proven to motivate for lasting behavioral change, based on an individual’s need, from stress management to sleep or exercise. 82% improved stress management, sleep quality and exercise habits following a Lifestyle Assessment and coaching. The Shine Out Journey is about making lasting change so Lifestyle Assessments are integral.


360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback enables an individual to obtain views and evaluations on their performance from a range of different people who observe their behaviour.

360 can be a powerful tool to assist with an individual’s development. Receiving meaningful feedback from other people is one of the most effective methods for enabling personal development and behavioural change. Distorted or inaccurate self-awareness is a barrier to personal development and building effective working relationships. Our success starts with us and ends with our ability to connect well with others so being aware of how we’re perceived is absolutely necessary.