MPY Goody Bag






Thanks for your interest in placing your items in the goody bag for our workshop. We are excited to share your great business with the amazing ladies coming to this fab event. Below is a bit about the event and underneath that you will find the links to make payments for 1 or 2 items to go into the goody bag.


This great workshop is back and has been renamed and revamped. Calling all women who want to rise up and be the powerful woman they were born to be. This event is for you!

Feeling good about who you are, what you have to offer and what you do is possible. Life doesn’t have to be empty or consist of going through the motions, it can be filled with passion and purpose. You don’t have to feel wrong, you can be someone that you love and do something that you love. You can achieve what you want to in life as a whole. You just have to believe it’s possible. At the heart of this kind of life is your wellbeing.

To be more powerfully you means to be true to who you are and what you want. It means to embrace your uniqueness. It means to be bold and own who you are.  It also means to It means to honour your passions and preferences. And it means to pursue your goals and dreams, no one else’s.

More Powerfully You is a 1 day workshop taking place on Saturday, May 20th that gives you a step-by-step process to help each woman arrive at a destination called ‘I’m happy with myself, I feel good being me and I love my life’.


For more event details. click here. Otherwise see payment information below:

  • Goody Bag Placement for 1 item – insert a small, light item such as a business card, flyer (no larger than A5), sample etc into the goody bag.


  • Goody Bag Placement for 2 items – insert 2 small, light item such as business cards, flyers (no larger than A5), samples etc into the goody bag or  combination of these items.

Your item(s) will need to be with the Shine Out team by 12/05/17 and after making payment you will be sent details regarding how to physically get your items to us.

Please get in touch with us to confirm payment if your card payment details differ from the details we have for you.

Thanks for helping to make this event even better ;-).