Show Up Right

Step 8 Self-presentation

This step is all about how you see or perceive yourself and how your project yourself to others. It builds upon self-communication and is linked to self-concept, developing over time. Self-presentation. How do I see me? Am I fat, am I too skinny, am I ugly, am I attractive, am I overly-intellectual, am I dumb? Am I, am I….

Self-presentation can change over time because we change, trends change, and we change environment. For example, a gap in your front teeth for many people may suggest the need for a brace. They feel there’s something wrong with that so avoid smiling and showing their teeth. While another person travels and is told a gap signifies luck and in time they see themselves as having a lucky gap so smile brightly. I have big lips and when I was young big lips weren’t desirable. You were called unpleasant names like rubber lips. Now, however, bigger lips are highly desirable so people even pay for them. This can affect the way you view and therefore present yourself.

The key thing with self-presentation is that you see yourself in a way that empowers you rather than disempowers you and makes you feel small. In recent years I have come across a term called being an inverse paranoia. A paranoid person thinks the world is conspiring against them so an inverse paranoid person thinks the world is conspiring for them! When you look in the mirror, I want you to see a woman who can and a woman who does. That’s what I’ve come to see. This determines how people view you.


If when you look in the mirror, you see yourself, as a champion then you are going to present yourself as a champion and people will respond to you accordingly. It is important to show others what you want them to see because people judge you by what you show. If you think that people don’t see you in the way that you would like them to, then you probably haven’t got this right. You’re probably not showing them what you want to them to see.


71% of women don’t like their abdomen, the stomach area

When it comes to self-presentation, it’s all about emphasising your positives and playing down your negatives. We all have things we dislike about ourself. When you’ve mastered self-presentation, you’re able to present yourself in a way that’s authentic yet puts your ‘best foot forward’. I’m one of those who feels my abdomen needs some work. So until I regain the abdomen that I’m happier and more comfortable with, I wear Spanx or lose clothes.

Self-presentation means doing what is needed to present yourself in a way that means others then see you how you want them to see you and being comfortable with how you look translates positively. Equally, being uncomfortable translates negatively.

Self-presentation is the final step of the Shine Out method. And, it kind of brings us to a full circle. However, it gets us out of our heads and into the world where we can get feedback. Feedback is important and a great mirror for us. It’s imperative if you want to excel. To excel means to achieve, to be superior at achieving your goals and your dreams.


Sometimes it is the simple things that we do that can make us stand out and shine.

Jasmine Mbye – The Shine Out Trainer.


Specialising in women’s empowerment. Empowering ambitious women to excel.

A challenging childhood left Jasmine ineffective and blocking her own success. Embarking on and successfully completing a journey to become her best, resulted in Jasmine creating the Shine Out Method.

Accelerating your journey to true success with the real confidence and right balance you desire so you go from blending and stressing to standing out and shining.

Check out the Shine Out programme.

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