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Hello, I’m Philippa Taylor of and I’d like to say thank you to Jasmine for letting me share my story with you.

I’ll start with a question:  what would you do if you had more energy that you don’t do now?

Mid last year I found myself not getting as much ticked off my to-do list as I used to, so I looked around for something to help me get my energy back.  Happily, I came across a product which ticked both the natural and scientifically-proven boxes for me.  It was when my husband turned to me one day in bed and asked me who I was that I realised that I had found something amazing!

I was introduced to a new-to-the-UK company with a unique wellbeing product which activates your body at a cellular level to make antioxidants to neutralise free radicals.  At the forefront of nutrigenomics, this all-natural #littleyellowpill (not a supplement) contains black pepper, turmeric, green tea, bacopa and milk thistle and is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days.  This

Having checked out the science via (the inventor won the same science award as Marie Curie to put this breakthrough into context), I started taking Protandim.

After decades of being an owl, I’ve turned into a lark.  I wake up feeling clear headed and energised which gets my day off to a fab start.  I was so impressed with my results that I joined the company, Life Vantage, and now share information about what I’ve found to be true about Protandim to help others feel fab too.

If you’d like to find out more about Protandim as a product, or perhaps you’re open to exploring the business side of things, then please get in touch: 07866 480700,

Life Vantage’s vision is to create a one million person nutrigenomic movement one story at a time and I hope my story has inspired you to find out more.

What would you do with your extra energy and vitality?

Twitter: @feelfabdirect


February’s Starlight on Isabelle Lammy



My name is Isabelle Lamy, I run Idea for your space and I’m a space & life organiser.

Do you sometimes feel ashamed by the mess in your home? Do you have to spend more than 1 minute to put your hand on your passport? Is your wardrobe so full you don’t even know what you have at the back of the shelves?

Many people would answer ‘yes’ to at least one, two or even these three questions. The problem is we feel bad about being disorganised. It’s a waste of time and money looking for things, buying duplicates… but it’s also really annoying, stressful and has a bad impact on our mood.

So my mission is to help my clients to feel better inside by tackling the outside (their living space). I help them to sort their clutter out (what to keep, what to get rid of), to find a dedicated space for each single item and to institute a system to become more organised.

After a single session, most of my clients say they feel lighter, more peaceful, more in control and they can also think more clearly.

I’ve developed a specific package ‘Blitz session’: a single room is tackled on a single session.

I currently have an offer until the end of April 2017: a 5 hour-Blitz session costs £150.

So if you want to get your peace of mind back for one particular area in just one session, visit my website

Isabelle – 0750 3025 784