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According to HSE Health & Safety Executive:

“In 2014/15 stress accounted for 35% of all work-related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health.


Stress is more prevalent in public service industries, such as education; health and social care; and public administration and defence.


By occupation, jobs that are common across public service industries (such as health; teaching; business, media and public service professionals) show higher levels of stress as compared to all jobs.


The main work factors cited by respondents as causing work-related stress, depression or anxiety (LFS, 2009/10-2011/12) were workload pressures, including tight deadlines and too much responsibility and a lack of managerial support.


Estimated rates for prevalence (total cases) and incidence (new cases) of stress, depression or anxiety caused or made worse by work, for people working in the last 12 months”.

Learn new techniques


Stress management and stress relief can make us be more effective not only in the workplace but also at home and in our private life. There are many ways to combat stress including a number of techniques.


Following on from my last blog we know that there are a number of physiological responses that the human body generates. By listening to our own bodies (no-one knows it better than you) we can start to reduce stress levels and learn to live a life free from negative stress.


Below are my top 5 tips to help relieve stress:


Find balance in your life be it at work or home

1) personal responsibility plays an important part in identifying the unhealthy balance at work or at home. Start by understanding exactly what you are striving for.


2) Physical relaxation techniques – these include deep breathing, Progressive Muscular Relaxation (PMR) and releasing negative energy. I have personally found this to be a great help.


3) Sleep – make sure you get enough sleep so you can start each new day refreshed and alert.


4) Meditation – learning meditation techniques not only calm your mind but your body too.


5) Exercise – research shows that those who are more active are less likely to be stressed or depressed.


Coping with stress


Learning to cope with stress isn’t an easy step to take but will make your life better in the long run. Expressing your feelings is an important aspect of learning new coping techniques. Whether you speak with friends and family or a counsellor being open and honest will help you on your way.


With this in mind, try focusing on the now, not the future and certainly not the past. You cannot worry about what has been and you have no need to worry about what is to come.

Finally, take YOU time. Focus on the positives and learn to calm your mind, body and soul. Have the long soak in the bath and do that facial. Or find a quiet space and read that novel. Do whatever you enjoy and relaxes you.


Stress doesn’t have to be a killer or debilitating. It depends on whether and how you deal with it. So don’t ignore it. Start managing your stress today. It’s good to have an idea about how you’re managing stress. However, it’s better to have clarity about it. Find out whether you have a healthy stress recovery balance. Get in touch if you’d like some help with that.


HSE. 2014. Work related stress, anxiety and depression statistics in Great Britain 2014/15. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 16 August 2016].



Jasmine Mbye – The Shine Out Trainer & Coach.
Specialising in women’s empowerment. Giving ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women the tools to excel.  A challenging childhood left Jasmine ineffective, dimming her light and blocking her own success. Embarking on a journey to free herself and become her best, along with developing her expertise and research, resulted in Jasmine creating the Shine Out Method.
Accelerating and supporting the journey of each woman to gain the clarity, confidence and resilience to achieve and sustain the success that is desired and deserved. Taking you from blending in and stressing to standing out and shining.
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