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Your wellbeing is dependent on your mindset and way of life. The Self Discovery Session includes an assessment of these and empowers you to make a life improving change. Over 80% of those who Self Discovery Session improve their wellbeing.



Discover the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being your best

Uncover causes of stress and how to replenish your resources

Understand how to improve your sleep

Discuss identified challenges and create goals to overcome them


This Self Discovery Session is a 3 part process that enables you to get the clarity and motivation you need for lasting change. It helps to improve your daily performance, reach your goals and feel better by choosing thoughts and actions that will have a positive impact on your life, work and leisure. It entails:

  1. Lifestyle Assessment (click here to watch a brief video about it)
  2. Beliefs Assessment
  3. Self Discovery Feedback


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1. Lifestyle Assessment

This provides a unique opportunity for you to gain insight into the impact of your lifestyle so your able to make better lifestyle choices which improve your wellbeing and performance. Using a snapshot you’re enabled to uncover:

  • If you’re getting enough exercise and movement
  • If your sleep is restorative
  • If you have a healthy stress levels
  • If your burning enough calories
  • If your lifestyle is depleting or replenishing your resources


The Self Discovery Level you opt for determines how long your Lifestyle Assessment lasts. As you can imagine a longer assessment
often allows for a better reflection of your lifestyle, 3 days is recommended. Once dates are agreed hrmfor your Lifestyle Assessment and you will then be sent a heart rate monitor (HRM), just like the one pictured, to wear for your chosen number of days along with the necessary paperwork. It’s tiny yet powerful and captures vital information, but don’t worry you’ll almost forget it’s there.

While wearing the HRM, you will be provided with a paper diary to record of all your activities which you later upload. This data forms the other integral part of what goes into creating your Lifestyle Assessment report that is produced for your Self Discovery Feedback.



2. Beliefs Assessment

Depending on the package chosen you will be invited to take 1 or 2 Beliefs Assessments. Each Assessment gets beneath the surface to reveal your underlying beliefs systems that impact the way you think, feel and behave. You will obtain:

  • Clarity on what beliefs are limiting you
  • Insight into your deeper motivation
  • Understanding on how to overcome these limiting beliefs
  • Awareness of stressful behaviours and ways to reduce stress in yourself and others
  • Identify how you can improve your confidence


Assessments are completed online and take about 15 minutes. You will receive an email invitation to undertake the Assessment while wearing your HRM. A basic result will be given at the time with a detailed report produced for each Assessment and revealed in the Self Discovery Feedback.



3. Self Discovery Feedback

This where your personalised feedback from the 2 previous steps are reviewed. The reports generated from the Lifestyle Assessment and the Beliefs Assessment(s) are discussed. The date and time of the Self Discovery Feedback will have been agreed in our initial phone call. It allows:la-pic

  • Identification of your causes of stress
  • Improved understanding about how you can recover better
  • Effects of your physical activity to be established
  • New approaches and beliefs to be considered
  • Goals and a personal plan for your progress


Jasmine takes the time to ensure you leave knowing what you can do to feel better armed with the information and motivation for change. The Self Discovery Session has been described as life changing, not only enhancing wellbeing but also improving performance so don’t wait, book yours now!



Self Discovery Session Levels

There are 3 Self Discovery Session levels; Mini, Midi and Max and you can choose which level works best for you. The Self Discovery Session also makes a perfect present with gift vouchers available for each level. Why not treat your mum for Mothers’ Day, or yourself?


If you’re an individual to get more details, including the March International Women’s Day discount of 30% off for individuals, and to become one step closer to enhancing your wellbeing, or that of a loved one. Click below now.


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