The Journey



The Shine Out Journey

For those who want to implement the Shine Out method quickly, effectively and successfully I run the 12 week programme.


This 12 week journey gives each ambitious woman the tools to get the clarity in her mind, confidence in her heart and resilience in her body to achieve what she truly desires and deserves = greater success. I created this journey because I didn’t want another ambitious professional or entrepreneurial woman to endure the lengthy and lonely years like I did, feeling stuck, stressed, frustrated, disillusioned. Or to spend years working on and developing herself with the threat of burnout.


Struggling with confidence, anxiety or worry?

Do you lack focus and clarity?

Deep down do fear greater success or feel unworthy of it?

Is balancing the demands of work with the other areas of life including fun and fitness challenging?

Do you know that you have more to give and can do better?

Is it difficult to maintain motivation and drive?

Do you feel undervalued or taken for granted?



Life isn’t fair. It throws us challenges which can overwhelm yet somehow we manage to get through them but the effects can be damaging and lasting. Effects that sometimes we are unaware of or that we’re quite aware of but don’t know how to deal with.  The circumstances that can cause us to shrink and stop shining so brightly are things like:

  • Divorce
  • Abuse – whether in childhood or in a relationship
  • Bullying – at work or by family or even so called friends
  • Death – losing a loved one
  • Job loss or redundancy
  • Sickness or Illness
  • Failure – in a relationship, business or career, studies, project etc.


So each women is trained, coached and mentored through the Shine Out method shown below to help overcome challenges like those above.

SOM card 1


This Shine Out Journey offers a unique opportunity for accelerated development and to network with like-minded women building a supportive community. The level of clarity, confidence and resilience needed to achieve and sustain greater success as is truly desired
and deserved by each woman is fostered, allowing who you are and what you have to shine out and make an impact in your world.


This 12 week journey combines:

  • psychology – Learning to understand our mind and how attitude affects behaviour.
  • neurology – Learning to understand our nervous system, in particular the brain and how it’s automatic functions impact us.
  • physiology – Learning to identify the connection between the body, its systems, our effectiveness and wellbeing.


The programme is underpinned by technology and using the tools given you’re enabled to accelerate your growth into being the more successful woman you want to be, getting to a greater level and sustaining it. Become the woman who:


Stands out for the right reasons

Obtains balance that works for her and her whole life

Gains greater recognition and value for her expertise

Feels good about herself, her life, career/business and relationships


The basic 12 Week Journey includes

  • 4 powerful group workshops on the Shine Out Steps
  • 4 profound personal assessments and individual feedback consultations
  • Real support and backup on the journey
  • Accountability on activities, exercises and challenges
  • Networking with other like-minded women
Click here for more information on the key elements included in the Shine Out Journey that help you to rise and shine.

There are 3 levels available. Additional items are included in some of the levels.


Download a brochure for details on the 12 Week Shine Out Journey



So if you’re a professional, self-employed or freelance, want to start your own business, an entrepreneur or business owner, and you want more out of life, the Shine Out Journey may be right for you. There are a maximum of 12 women accepted onto each open Shine Out Journey and only 2 intakes per year, with a Journey starting at the latter of 2017, download the offer form below for dates and pricing. The programme can be supported by coaching following the completion of the Shine Out Journey.


Download the open offer form for details on the 2017 dates, discount pricing and levels.

Pricing, Dates & Levels


Find out if  the Shine Journey is right for you by undertaking the Self Discovery Session, attending the Greater You for Greater Success Workshop or getting in touch with the Shine Out Team for a complimentary 20 minute call by clicking here. We can help you assess which level will best suit your needs and let you know of our special one one-off pricing for the 2017 Journey with a discount of 25-30% saving you between £500-1500!


The Shine Out Journey is also delivered in-house as personal development and talent retention for organisations committed to fully engaging, developing and supporting the progression of women within their organisation. Helping to prevent the loss of great female talent and the ramifications that brings with it.


Download the offer form for details on the levels and pricing.

Pricing & Levels


Please contact the Shine Out Team to discuss in-house delivery by clicking here and we will get in touch to see how the Shine Out Journey can support your organisation’s vision.