The Movement…


The Movement

The movement range is designed to enable each woman to develop her wellbeing with minimal financial cost, (and men you can get involved in most of it too). It will enable you to progress towards being that woman who feels good and achieves her goals and dreams. It is also an opportunity to find out more about what it’s like to work with Jasmine. Take a look at what’s available below and see how you might be supported to move along on your journey.


FREE Wellbeing Unlocked Assessment & COMPLIMENTARY Insight Call

Want to discover whether your welbeing has been unlocked so it allows you to feel good and lets the greatness within you to shine out? Then complete this assessment. Click here to take the FREE assessment now and gain valuable insight into where your level of wellbeing helps and hinders you. Click here now! After completing the assessment, get a COMPLIMENTARY Insight Call to discuss your results and get tips on how to improve.


Jasmine’s Get-Togethers

Jasmine’s Get-togethers are free events hosted by Jasmine in and around central London that will uplift and empower you, enabling you to connect and network with other like minded women, (and men, as men you’re welcome to attend). Jasmine’s Get-Togethers are held every 6-8 weeks and typically last a couple of hours with great content so pens and papers are advised. Details of the next one will be available shortly.


Jasmine’s Empowering Webinar

Join this FREE webinar community so your able to see what webinars are coming up that will support your development towards feeling good about yourself and being your best.

Jasmine’s Empowering Webinars allows you to make an investment in yourself so you can start to develop the clarity, confidence and resilience you want. Often all that’s required is your time as most of the webinars are free and with at least one webinar taking place a month. See what’s happening this month. Jasmine likes to give, so you will get a special thank you for your attendance to any webinar. Check out what’s coming up that may help you develop by clicking on the link below.

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The Wellbeing to Welldoing Community

This is a subscription group that is designed to support each woman’s development through regular connection with like-minded women which includes:

  • Access to an online community
  • Monthly masterclass
  • Monthly topical discussion
  • 2 items (ebook or audio) each month from online library
  • Master Key mindset development programme

If you know that your network influences your wellbeing and determines your net worth then group is something you should be a part of. If you recognise greater success lies in connection, register your interest now, don’t wait. Register your interest to get more details.

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