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The Self Discovery Session

Enhancing Your Wellbeing


Thanks you for your interest in the Self Discovery Session. Below you’ll get more details on what each Self Discovery Session level includes, the current pricing, which includes the March International Women’s Day discount of 30%, and the process.



3 Self Discovery Levels

Feel free to select the level you feel is right for you, make your payment, be sure to provide your contact details (mobile number and email so we can get in touch) and you’ll get confirmation. Then we will be in touch to get the process started.

You will be on course to uncovering invaluable information that promotes wellbeing and real change. Over 80% of those who do a Self Disceovery Session improve their wellbeing. Wouldn’t you like that? Secure your session below now.


Below is what’s included and the price for each level, which includes the March International Women’s Day discount of 30% saving you from £35-58. Would you like an additional 10% discount?…If you complete the Wellbeing Unlocked Assessment and have the Insight Call then you’ll get an additional 10% off the current prices, click here to do the assessment. Purchasing this as a present, may be as a Mothers’ Day gift? If so, a gift wrapped voucher will be sent to your chosen address.




·         2 day Lifestyle Assessment

·         1 Beliefs Assessment

·         60 minute virtual Feedback

·         Reports emailed as PDF


               £115  £80




·         3 day Lifestyle Assessment

·         1 Beliefs Assessment

·         75 minute Feedback

·         Reports printed and provided


             £155  £108 




·         5 day Lifestyle Assessment

·         2 Beliefs Assessments

·         90 minute Feedback

·         Reports printed and provided


             £195  £137



payment image


The Process

After you’ve made payment we will get in touch to explain in further detail what you can expect plus arrange the dates for your Assessments and book the Feedback Session.

In line with the agreed dates we will post out the Heart Rate Monitor and everything you need. We will confirm once this has happened.


Feel better about yourself, life, work and leisure

We’re looking forward to working with you and helping you to enhance your wellbeing and performance so you can be the best you can be and achieve what you want to.