3 Reasons Why EVERY Woman Needs To Love Who She Is!

Loving yourself is often thought of as warm and fluffy subject and love can be. However, when I am speaking of loving yourself, and especially loving the lady in the mirror, I am not talking about fluffy stuff, I talking about the warmth that makes you shine and the essence of what every woman needs to be her best and live her best life. Loving yourself is essential for each of us to go out into the world and make our mark where ever we show up. Whether that’s in the office, the school, the boardroom, the home, and yes the bedroom. You see, everything comes from within. So let me share with you my three reasons why every woman, including you, should love themselves.



1) You cannot give what you don’t have

More than anything else we want to be loved and belong. Within each of us there is a cry to be loved and feel a part of something. Once again it can sound fluffy but the reality is we don’t just want to feel this at home or with our friends and family, we also want to feel this to some degree in our careers and workplaces.

If people feel they matter (professional love) and that they are welcome or wanted (professional belonging) there are happier workers and therefore stay longer. This is what John Lewis exemplify. The Selling Assistants, aka sales assistants, are part of the company, they have shares and they have a voice. John Lewis has excellent staff retention when other retail establishments churn staff out and this is largely because they give their people what they want. They feel that they matter and are part of something.

How can you as a make your family, friends, colleagues and staff feel they truly matter and are wanted, if you don’t first know what that feels like? It’s like saying I’ll teach you how to eat a lobster when you’ve never had it before! . Loving yourself allows you to give others what they need from you, to feel loved and wanted, without compromising who you are.


2) To love something is to know it

How can you love something if you don’t know it? If you don’t know it, how can you get the best out if it? If you don’t know you, you will never get the best out of you. I sincerely believe we are all doing our best, the issue is that we often haven’t dedicated the same focus and determination towards being our best. To say I love apples when I know little to nothing about them, doesn’t make sense. (Have you noticed the food examples? Yeah, I like my food).

Knowing yourself allows you to better identify your strengths and weaknesses or as we trainers say, development needs. You will be focused on exploring yourself and the many gifts and talents that you have, then utilising them the best way possible. You’ll be aware of, and work somewhat on, your development needs to make sure they don’t disable you. However, you’ll focus on what positive things you have offer.

We’ve heard it said many times, ‘knowledge is power’. Loving yourself arms you with the knowledge you need to get the best of you so then get the best out of life in every area of your life; personal, career, social. Nothing is perfect or will be, but you’ll sense when it’s the best it can be.


3) You feel good

Feeling good is an emotion that we all seek after every day of our lives. We will do things that may be strange, crazy and even dangerous because it feels good and we want to feel good. When you feel good about who you are others know. Other people can sense when you’re comfortable in your own skin. They may not outwardly express this but the notice the subtle differences such as the way you walk, talk and conduct yourself.

To illustrate this point further, even the person that self-harms does so because in some strange way it feels good for them. When we buy something new like shoes, a car or a dress, we imagine how good we’re going to feel in them. When we book that holiday that we might not quite have the money for, it’s because we believe we’re going to feel great there. Feeling good about who you, not so much about what you have or do but who you are, is vital for your peace. And, that inner peace feels fab, I know because I feel it! I haven’t always had it but thank God, I do now.



So there are my three reasons for loving who you are and for some of you, this might be common sense and you’re already there. If so, that’s great and a refresher is always good. Yet for others, I may have hit a few nerves and maybe you have a few or many areas to work on. Well, that’s why I do what I do. I am passionate about this because I didn’t have all this knowledge before and I didn’t feel the way I do now. I hope in sharing I can help. I am here to enable and empower each woman to love who she is because as the quote says below, you need to. If this has helped you, you might like to join me on a free webinar.

Reason to love yourself

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Until next time, take care.


Jasmine MJ Mbye – The Starriness Specialist, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author.photo3

Creating Personal development programs to enable each women to love who she is and shine like star.

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