Goal and Go

January is drawing to a close and most of us have set our goals or made new years resolutions.

Personally, I don’t like new years resolutions as I don’t think that they are very effective because they tend to be quite dramatic or extreme. Swearing that we are never going to or setting a standard so high of what we are going to do that by the end of Jan we usually have broken our new year’s resolution. This means that February can seem pretty bleak.

However, a goal, on the other hand, is usually something that is more measured and more motivating. Something we’ve considered and is positive. We’re stating what we want to do or become or achieve by a certain point in time.

So I encourage you, if you haven’t set your goals for 2017, set them now. If you have set your goals then revisit them and revisit your goals in light of the well-known SMART structure.

SMART standing for Specific, Measurable. Achievable, Relevant, Timed or Time Bound. Ensure that your goal meets the criteria for each of those because if it does then your chances of achieving that goal are drastically increased.Whereas if any one of those elements is missing then it is far less likely that you will achieve that goal as the strategy needed will probably be lacking.

Now, one of the things that I am doing and I am encouraging everyone to do for 2017 is set your “normal goals” but I also want each person to think about their B.H.A.G. Your Big Hairy Audacious goal – what is it that if you were to tell it to most people they are going to think that it is pretty ridiculous but deep down on the inside it is something that you would love to do. Go on set that goal.

Goal and Go meaning that you set the goal and then you go for it because that’s why we set goals. They give us direction and they help us in our lives to move in that desired direction. It is about making sure that we are constantly working on those goals and making sure that we are building into our months, our weeks and our days.

Activities are things that are going to move us forward and in the direction of that goal and if you can do that then achievement becomes inevitable, although there could be setbacks and in some cases that will be the case but it means that achieving the goal may be delayed but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be achieved.

So, with all of this in place, you are on course to achieving your goals. So Goal and then Go and don’t let anything stop you because the only thing that can stop you, really, is you! Make 2017 your best year yet by making sure that you set the best goals that you possibly can.

If you need any help with your goal setting then feel free to get in touch.

In fact, you can check out my goal setting online workshop which I created following the Goal Ahead event that I did at Google Campus, as people was asked if I did an online event. I’ve created that to support the goal development and the goal creation of others that couldn’t attend but want to make sure that they are getting it right and that they are on course to make 2017 the best ever!

So I encourage you Goal and Go. If you do want to check out the Goal Ahead online workshop then here’s the link: Goal Ahead Online Workshop Here’s to a great 2017 and beyond.

Jasmine Mbye -Trainer, Coach & Speaker at Shine Out.


Specialising in women’s empowerment. Giving ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women the tools to excel.

A challenging childhood left Jasmine dysfunctional, dimming her light and blocking her own success. Embarking on a journey to free herself and become her best, along with developing her expertise, resulted in Jasmine creating the Shine Out Method.

Accelerating and supporting the journey of each woman to gain the clarity, confidence and resilience to achieve and sustain greater success as she desires and deserves. Taking you from blending in and stressing to standing out and shining.

Check out the Shine Out Journey.


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