Looking Back, Moving Forward Part 2: Let The Race Begin

So we’re well in 2016 now and if we haven’t already it’s about doing all we can to ensure this year is the success we desire and deserve it to be. That means we need to plan. Being open and flexible is critical but getting to a particular destination is very unlikely if you haven’t considered the destination, how you’re going to get there and what obstacles you may face. However, there’s something we may forget when we think about planning for the year ahead and that’s the dream. Great motivation to run the race that’s ahead of us in 2016 will come when our plans and goals are in line with our dreams.


Using the analogy of 2016 being a race that we are about to run, the dream will likely be to win. However, dreams are personal. So while a slightly competitive woman like me would definitely want to win the race, another woman may simply want to finish the race or get bronze. Before going any further in 2016 take time to dream. Find some time, I recommend early in the morning, and a space where you will be undisturbed, sit, close your eyes and dream. Imagine. We each have our ‘own race’, our own dream. Before planning or setting goals, let’s remind ourself of that dream. Allow ourself to feel that dream and feel it for all the areas in life, feel like we’ve won that race or achieved whatever the dream is.
This will re-energise and fuel us to keep going. In the words of Gabrielle the British singer ‘dreams can come true…’


After dreaming again it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Our dreams can come true if we take action! We may not even really know what’s going to make the dream become reality but taking a step in the direction towards our dream makes it possible. Those steps are our plans and goals. Goals or resolutions can be set for each area of our life, which can mean we have a number of them. Nonetheless, it can also mean we take a more balanced approach to the year ahead. The 7 areas to create goals are; physical, mental, financial, spiritual, social, career/business and family. As you are probably aware, for each goal to be effective it should be SMART. This requires real thought and time to be spent on each goal. Then it moves from being a mere wish or wishy washy to something that will help to propel us forward towards that completion line. Instead of ‘I won’t drink alcohol everyday’, we would write ‘I will drink alcohol a maximum of 4 times a week’ for example. A goal should be a positive intention so it motivates. Following the SMART goal process also means we plan our goals into the year so they are focused upon and completed at different times. This should prevent us from feeling overwhelmed.


Last thing I’m going to encourage as we begin to run our race is to get visuals for our goals. For each goal find or create a visual and put the visuals in a prominent place so you can continously be encouraged as the challenges are going to come. You will probably have heard of a vision board and may already have one. Seeing a visual reminder will help us stay focused and as we achieve our goals throughout the year it will help us feel encouraged by our success. Each week make a point of stopping and looking at your visuals so the monotony or knock backs in life don’t take you out. It will provide an opportunity to refocus and regroup. You can add to your visuals at any time too. Remember, I recommended the weekly reflections in the last post. Well, combine this with the visuals activity and you’re armed for a greater 2016.

The saying is start as you mean to go on. So we’re starting well and here’s to ending well in 2016.

Until next time.


Jasmine MJ Mbye – The Starriness Specialist, Trainer, Coach, Speaker and Author.photo3

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