Looking Back, Moving forward Part 1: Rowing into 2016.

2015 is over. It’s gone and is never coming back. On 31/12/15 at midnight we said our goodbyes and welcomed in 2016. For many of you I’m sure that welcome was a celebratory one. It was for me, especially as I’m not sure what kind of year 2015 was for you, but it’s one that I am glad to see the back of. My 2015 was TOUGH! They say tough time don’t last but tough people do. My ‘toughness’ was seriously tested on every side and I wasn’t alone in this. I know so many people who experienced a really challenging year and when a year has been like that there is a temptation to simply say goodbye and close that chapter. However, it’s often in our most challenging and darkest times that we grow the most. So it’s incredibly important to reflect on a year like 2015. Even, if your year wasn’t a very challenging one, reflection is a great learning opportunity and therefore one of the keys for success.


One of the things I encourage you to do, is keep a journal so you can record your reflections. This way you’re able to do what John Dewey speaks of and learn from your experiences. In the latter part 2015 I resumed keeping a journal and it not only allows you to process your experiences and thereby learn from them. It also helps you see you to be more grateful as you are able to see how good can come from bad and you can see how far you’ve come along life’s journey. So if you haven’t already got one, go and get yourself a gorgeous book full of beautiful blank pages and start writing your collection. I was fortunate that a friend of mine did that for me. It can be a frequent as you wish, but I recommend a weekly reflection.


Then when you get to the end of the year, there is a wealth of reflection to reflect upon. It’s important to record things as memories are faulty and perception is powerful. A journal can allow for a more accurate and balanced view of the past.

Whether you kept a journal in 2015 or not you can still reflect on 2015. You can still consider the highs and lows of 2015. You can consider how the year has shaped and impacted you. If like me you experienced a tough year, it’s really important to identify how the year has affected you because sometimes it’s for the worse and not better. We may have grown more bitter, more hopeless, more depressed etc. If you are aware of that then you can turn it around. If you had a good year, you might be full of hope, positive expectation and gratitude. What happened to you doesn’t not dictate your response, it’s attitude that does that. So you may have had a really challenging year and be grateful because you’ve made it through and you believe better things are in store. It may be that you’ve had a great year but may have taken it all for granted. Reflection of last year just helps us get perspective.

Set aside some time before the week is over and find a quiet space then ask yourself these questions in your reflection of 2015:

1) What were your major disappointments? And, how did you respond? What have learned?
2) What were your biggest highlights? How did they make you feel? How can you build on them?
3) What major changes occurred in 2015? How will they affect you going forward?


Taking the time to reflect helps to move forward more successfully. As the title of this blog suggests, I think it’s about rowing into your new year. Looking back but only so you can move forwards. Rowers are not looking in the directions that they are going but they are clear about where they are going. We’re moving forward and are not going to get stuck in past or looking back. We’re simply using the time of reflection on 2015 as our Launchpad to reach higher heights in 2016. So let’s get rowing, if we haven’t already.

Oh and I think I forgot to say something really important, Happy New Year! May it be your best year yet.

Until next time, ciao.



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