Elizabeth Pui Ho O’Regan

testimonialJasmine… noticed I didn’t speak up in team meetings unless she prompted me. I had lots of ideas, many were implemented within my team eventually but I would never speak up.

Jasmine coached and mentored me giving me exercises to do such as speaking in front of a mirror, holding mini presentations with the members of team I felt at ease with, and also assisting in managerial work.

In time I felt more confident in myself to speak up, hold meetings for the team and started to be a buddy for new members of s
taff who joined the team…and from a shy person I grew in confidence…I wouldn
‘t be the person in my career today without the development help from Jasmine, all essential skills and tips she advised and helped me on.





Marielle Jewels

I just concluded the self discovery session with Jasmine Mbye and wow… knowledge is power!

It broke down my personal drivers (so spot on it was scary), what is causing me stress and I got practical recommendations on how to reduce my stress levels. It also gave me a breakdown of my health, sleep, activity and recovery levels. Three days wearing a heart monitor, filling in a few questionnaires and an evening spent getting life changing feedback. Everyone needs this.. please contact Jasmine to get yours.. it’s worth every penny!

Thank you Jasmine x