The Most Important Appointment

Making yourself a priority is so important yet, it’s often something we women struggle to do. We’re often so busy taking care of others, there’s no time left for taking good care of ourselves. ‘Me time’ is an idea, but not much of a reality.

While talking with a lady recently, I suggested she make time for herself to do something she enjoys. Her response was in my culture that’s not accepted. If someone asks for your help, you’re expected to give it. Me time is not an adequate reason to say no. I was a little surprised but not much.

There’s a lot of pressure upon women today. For many of us women, working is a financial necessity, yet it is also an expression of our individuality and/or independence. However, traditional duties, such as cooking and cleaning, still fall primarily to us.

If you have a car, you regularly put petrol in and less frequently water. You also have to periodically check the tyre air pressure and top it up. However, that’s not enough you also need to service and MOT at set times for the car to work effectively. Most of us also regularly clean our cars. Now we may not do all these things ourselves, but we ensure they are done because we know it’s important.

We know it matters as it will affect how well the car works. So why oh why do we struggle to understand our effectiveness is positively or negatively impacted by how well we care for or ensure we’re taken care of. Taking care of our car, if we have one, is probably more of a priority than taking care of ourselves. It’s time for a change.

So I am going to encourage you, in the same way, I encouraged the lady on the phone. I am going to set you a challenge; make at least a 2-hour appointment with yourself each week and in that time do something for you and you alone somewhere you will not be disturbed.

Note I called it an appointment and not ‘me time’. That’s intentional as we respect appointments in a way that we don’t ‘me time’. We plan around an appointment but ‘me time’ can just be cancelled. So in this appointment draw, read, paint, just sit and think, have a long soak, get a massage or go for a walk or drive, maybe do some exercise.

Whatever it is that you do, do something you enjoy and do it with balance. So if you’ve had a gruelling day, it’s probably best to do something relaxing rather than intense. Remember as long as it’s something you enjoy. So I recently tried colouring in and didn’t really enjoy it.

Whereas when I went for a walk, it was like cleansing my heart and mind. Get out your pen and diary now! It’s time to make your most important appointment.

Life is short, enjoy it. Enjoy you.
Until next time.
Take care


Jasmine Mbye -Trainer, Coach & Speaker at Shine Out.













Specialising in women’s empowerment. Giving ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women the tools to excel.

A challenging childhood left Jasmine dysfunctional, dimming her light and blocking her own success. Embarking on a journey to free herself and become her best, along with developing her expertise, resulted in Jasmine creating the Shine Out Method.

Accelerating and supporting the journey of each woman to gain the clarity, confidence and resilience to achieve and sustain greater success as she desires and deserves. Taking you from blending in and stressing to standing out and shining.

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