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More Powerfully You Workshop

More Truly, More Uniquely, More Boldly YOU!


Last September we had out first workshop called Get Out Your Own Way and it went pleasingly well. If you missed it, you certainly missed out! It was an intimate event from which we all left uplifted, including Jasmine. Check out some pictures on the news tab. After delivering the workshop and getting some great feedback, we will be holding another event and making a few changes so the next workshop will be even better.  All of the ladies who attended Get Out Your Own Way would recommend it, so make sure you’re a part of the next one.


The workshop is now be called More Powerfully You. You see, you are already powerful yet you can be more truly, more uniquely, more boldly YOU! Develop your understanding of how to improve your wellbeing so you ensure that your wellbeing leads to your ‘welldoing’ and not the other way around. When you connect with yourself first and take a holistic approach you increase your power.

The next workshop will take place on Saturday, May 20th. Details are below or get your ticket right now by clicking here!



This great workshop is back and has been renamed and revamped. Calling all women who want to rise up and be the powerful woman they were born to be. This event is for you!

Feeling good about who you are, what you have to offer and what you do is possible. Life doesn’t have to be empty or consist of going through the motions, it can be filled with passion and purpose. You don’t have to feel wrong, you can be someone that you love and do something that you love. You can achieve what you want to in life as a whole. You just have to believe it’s possible. At the heart of this kind of life is your wellbeing.

To be more powerfully you means to be true to who you are and what you want. It means to embrace your uniqueness. It means to be bold and own who you are.  It also means to It means to honour your passions and preferences. And it means to pursue your goals and dreams, no one else’s.

More Powerfully You is a 1 day workshop that gives you a step-by-step process to help you arrive at a destination called ‘I’m happy with myself, I feel good being me and I love my life’. Come and join Jasmine at this event and be empowered with the tools to improve your wellbeing so it can lead to your ‘welldoing’ resulting in the achievement of what you truly desire and deserve = greater success.

If the picture in your head is cloudy so you aren’t quite clear on who you are, what you want to do or where you’re going. If hidden inside your heart there’s fear or insecurity so you’re putting off opportunities until ‘you’re ready’ or are allowing fear of stepping outside your comfort zone to hold you back or taking loads of crap that you know you shouldn’t. If your body feels out of sorts, unbalanced, filled with tension, stress or anxiety. If any of this resonates with you, then More Powerfully You is for you!

Do you have thought’s like:

‘I don’t feel good about myself’

‘They’ll find out I’m a fake’

‘I’m scared I’ll look stupid or will fail

‘I’d love to feel more confident’

‘There must be more to life than this’

‘I want to be happy’

‘I feel so anxious or stressed’

The truth is we will all have had these thoughts at some time. It’s about unlocking your wellbeing and learning how to overcome the negativity within us and outside of ourselves and you’ll be given the opportunity to do this.


Come and be inspired, challenged, encouraged and motivated to develop clarity in your head, confidence in your heart and resilience in your body so you can go out there into your world and be the best you can be, feel the best you can feel and achieve what you truly desire and deserve = greater success. Jasmine open and honest approach creates an environment that allows everyone to feel free to learn, share and grow.

It time to be true to yourself as you were born unique, know it and own it! It’s time to learn how you can stand out and shine like you were born to and like you’ve always wanted to. Go from blending in and stressing to standing out and shining.


This event takes place on Saturday, May 20th at the gorgeous new Holiday Inn on Commercial Road which has excellent transport links. This day includes:

  • Networking with other women on their empowerment journey
  • Discussions, exercises and activities to further unlock your wellbeing
  • Workbook, worksheets, a notebook and materials to support your development
  • Creating and leaving with an action plan for your continued progress
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments plus a delicious hot buffet style lunch
  • Exhibition tables with goodies to buy that will make you feel good
  • Openness and fun!


Get your tickets below for this 1 day event that will make a difference in your life!

There are also opportunities to promote your business at this event. For more details please contact Shine Out at