Recently I have been sharing the importance of sleep and how we can ensure that we have a better quality of sleep and some key elements around the importance of sleep.  I think it is important to build on that by looking at switching off.


It is important to understand that although advancements in technology are wonderful and provide great opportunity, we also need to find balance in that.  It has been suggested that those who use their smartphones; texting, browsing, calling, video calling etc suffer from higher rates of stress, anxiety and depression.


In a recent study that sought to provide greater clarity around our constant connectivity, it was actually found in this study of almost 300 people that it wasn’t about how much we were connected to our devices, what was actually more impacting on our levels of stress, anxiety and depression was how involved we are with our devices.



If you are heavily involved in texting, browsing, calling and video calling etc., then there is a much higher likelihood that you are going to suffer from stress, anxiety and depression.


If you are someone who is very connected, meaning that you have your device and may use it, but you are not someone who is heavily involved with it so don’t necessarily need to be on it. You could be more stressed and more anxious although it is unlikely to lead to a greater level of depression.


So, I would like to set a challenge which is to choose a certain day or a certain time to disconnect and actually switch your phone and technology off or put it on silent so that you will not be contactable. Most of us still do have landlines and important people have that number and so, if it were an emergency that could still call us on that.


Make that decision to actually allow yourself time to switch off, time to disconnect and enjoy your moment and enjoy those who are with you in the moment. For example my husband and I have no phones during dinner and we talk. I now read a physical book before going to sleep to help my mind relax.


What that does for you and for your relationships is amazing.  I would like to encourage you to give that a try and see what a difference that makes to your day, your week and your month.


So, it is time to switch off and this blog was actually audio recorded on a smartphone and so now what I am going to do is practice what I preach and allow myself some time to switch off.


Until next time, ciao.


Jasmine Mbye -Trainer, Coach & Speaker at Shine Out.


Specialising in Women’s Empowerment through Wellbeing. Giving each woman the tools to allow her wellbeing to lead her to ‘welldoing’. A challenging childhood left Jasmine inwardly dysfunctional, feeling wrong and ‘wearing a mask’. Embarking on a journey to free herself, feel good and become her best, along with developing her expertise, resulted in Jasmine creating the Shine Out Method.
Accelerating and supporting the journey of each woman to gain clarity in her mind, confidence in her heart and resilience in her body so she feels good and goes for what she truly desires and deserves in all areas of her life. Taking you from blending in and stressing to standing out and shining.
Check out Jasmine and Shine Out.
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