What you’re saying in your head counts

Step 7 – Self-communication

Communication is the act of exchanging information. Again, we tend to learn this when we are young, but it is something that is built on throughout our lives. We learn to communicate in many different ways, some that are more and others less effective to review.



Some of us get stuck in cycles or methods of communication, and those can be quite detrimental if negative. They’re particularly bad when they are internal communication or self-talk as that’s the stuff going on in our head. What you say to yourself tends to come out verbally in some shape or form and through your body language.

Communication is key

Communication can take many forms and according to Mehrabian, it is far less about the words we use. He estimated that our understanding of what another means is 7% words, 38% tonality, and then 55% physiology, as in body language, posture, gestures and facial expressions.

How you communicate is key. This will impact how you feel because not only are you giving yourself a message but also influencing others. Being aware of your communication and how you are communicating with yourself first and others is really important.


If you want to be successful, then you need to master communication and how to speak in the most effective way.

People communicate, but not many communicate very effectively. The starting point here is to become an inverse paranoia. What is an inverse paranoid I hear you ask? Well, a paranoid person thinks the world is conspiring against them.   When you are in an inverse paranoia, you think the world is conspiring for you.

What starts off in your mind manifests to the rest of your communication.

If you are thinking positively then, you are going to communicate more positively, making people want to work with you and for you.

Communication is BIG

There are so many blockages we could have when it comes to communicating referred to as noise.


When we talk about noise, it can be the noise which means I can’t hear you because the music is loud for example but the noise can also be from your psychological state. If you are a paranoid person, then you will interpret things negatively. It could be cultural mindset it could be that your emotional state filters the same message differently.

Many things come into play when we talk about communication. Mastering the art here is key because this will allow you to communicate effectively with the world. On Social media, television and radio that’s also communication. Getting this right makes a massive difference. It starts by thinking right, and then it becomes inverse paranoia.

Positive thinking

Your task this week is for you to get a small notepad, carry it around with you and record yourself talking. Everything that is going through your mind over the next few days note it and then review it.



You’ll see if you are thinking more positively or negatively. Start thinking about how athletes get to their level and win medals, by doing this you will start to see the success that you want to see in your life and the communicated needed.

There’s one remaining step left.

So until next time, take care.


Jasmine Mbye – The Shine Out Trainer.

Specialising in women’s empowerment. Empowering ambitious women to excel.

A challenging childhood left Jasmine ineffective and blocking her own success.

Embarking on and successfully completing a journey to become her best, resulted in Jasmine creating the Shine Out Method.

Accelerating your journey to true success with the real confidence and right balance you desire so you go from blending and stressing to standing out and shining.

Check out the Shine Out programme.


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